*One week after 7-year-old Aiyana Jones was shot to death during a police raid filmed by a television show, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing is banning reality TV crews from tagging along with police.

Cameras from the A&E crime show “The First 48” accompanied officers during the May 16 raid in which a police officer’s bullet killed the child.

According to Assistant Chief Ralph Godbee, the Detroit police barged into the home with their guns drawn searching for a homicide suspect. A lawyer for Aiyana Jones’ family has said police fired into the home from outside, after tossing a flash-bang grenade.

Police have said one of the officers was involved in a scuffle with a woman inside the home when the gun went off and fatally struck Aiyana in the neck as she was sleeping. The police department has apologized for her death.

According to The Detroit News, Mayor Bing has called out Police Chief Warren Evans for not telling him that he had been permitting TV cameras on raids.

Bing also said Monday that Deputy Mayor Saul Green is helping Evans to tone down his aggressive policing style, and that the police chief remains “part of the solution” to the city’s crime problem.