Joseph Weekley, the Detroit police officer who reportedly shot Aiyana Jones

*The initial police report implied that an officer’s gun accidentally discharged last Sunday during a police raid on a Detroit home killing a 7-year-old girl as she slept on the sofa.

Later, some officers said the gun went off during a struggle with the child’s grandmother.

But lawyers who have seen a videotape of the incident say there was no struggle and that the officers entered the home shooting after throwing a stun grenade.

The videotape came from the crew of the television program “48 Hours Left.” The crew was invited along to tape the raid for an upcoming episode of the program.

The police raided the home in search of an alleged murder suspect. The girl’s family has already announced two lawsuits claiming officers violated the child’s rights.

Detroit police have said little after the initial apparently untrue statements. Civil Rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton delivered the eulogy at this past Saturday’s funeral services for Aiyana Jones. (source: Taylor Media Services)