*Well look who’s back on the scene. Why it’s no other than Sony from the Atl! Uh huh she’s back talkin’ a whole bunch you-know-what about you-know-who and more. Alrighty then, here’s a taste of what she’s got to say today.

If you wanna look and smell like the rapper Trina, it won’t be hard come next month.  According to my peeps, Trina has a new cosmetics line out.  The new line, “Amazin” will feature lip wear, false eyelashes and both of her fragrances, “Diamond Princess and Diamond Doll.”

Side Bar-Sorry y’all, although I love me some Trina (shhhhhh…don’t tell nobody), I just cannot see myself rolling up in a dept. store asking for some dayum “Amazin” lip glass and lashes.  I’m just sayin’, can WE use proper English while in public?  Leave the ebonics for place like my blog and around the way.  Nuff said…

Shut the front DOE!  Willie Norwood, you are the father!  The web is a powerful thing…especially if you put all of your business out on front street via reality (FAKE) television.  AN-T-WAY, word has it that Willie Norwood has an illegitimate son by the name of Danyelle Brown.  Danyelle, who was born in 1975, claims to be Willie’s eldest child but Willie has denied him for all of his life.  According to a video I found while surfing the web, Danyelle, has a webseries documenting the journey that will ultimately prove that Willie Norwood is his father.

Side Bar-After watching this video, there is no doubt in my mind that Willie Norwood is this dude’s father.  This dude is a low budget Ray J.  Scary…

Sony from the Atl has got lots more Fiyah and fiestiness. To get it, just click HERE.