*Famed relationship expert and licensed psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere will attempt to get expectant fathers to man up in the upcoming VH1 reality series “Dad Camp.”

Inspired by President Obama’s 2009 Father’s Day speech challenging young men to step up, the eight-episode series follows six unprepared boyfriends and their pregnant girlfriends – all under the same roof – as they work toward becoming dependable and caring parents.

Dr. Jeff will conduct the challenges and work with each couple through a variety of lessons in parenting, honesty and maturity. For example, the six young men are each paired with a child who has not had a nurturing, paternal influence in his or her life. “These challenges help the young men conquer their fear of fatherhood and make a commitment to their girlfriends and new family,” the network stated.

In the season finale, the pregnant mothers will decide if their boyfriends are responsible enough to remain a part of the family, or if they would rather raise the children on their own.

The cast of VH1's "Dad Camp"

“Obama put that out there,” VH1 programming head Jeff Olde told Fancast. “And then 3Ball came in and pitched this. There are real-world emotional stakes involved. It’s not about winning a prize.”

“Dad Camp” premieres Monday, May 31 at 10 p.m. Viewers can catch a sneak peek of the first episode on VH1.com beginning Friday, May 28. Subsequent episodes will be available on VH1.com every Tuesday morning following their Monday night premiere.

Below, President Obama’s 2009 Father’s Day speech.