*For this hilarious concert flick, comedian Paul Mooney brought his irreverent standup act to The Lodge, a gentleman’s club located in Dallas, Texas.

With so many scantily-clad strippers and waitresses walking around, this made for a very distracting backdrop to the goings-on onstage. In fact, the DVD includes a 10-minute featurette entitled “The Ladies of the Lodge” devoted to a parade of topless entertainers.

But I digress. The real reason to check out this film is for Mooney’s unique brand of humor. While the content is funny, it often feels a little stale, since it was obviously taped a while ago. So, jokes about Hilary Clinton’s campaign antics, Janet Jackson’s bad breakup, Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitism and an explanation why Brad Pitt will never leave Angelina Jolie feel outdated.

Still, a lot of it works, when not addressing topical material. For example, general quips about pedophile schoolteachers and violent gangsta’ rappers are always in order. While I certainly laughed a lot, I’m not sure how heartily I ought to recommend a flick where the most memorable moments arrives when a naked woman serves the star a glass of water.

Very Good (3 stars) Unrated Running time: 88 minutes Studio: AMS Pictures DVD Extras:

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