*Jamaican tourism officials are a little upset with the new music video from Drake.

The clip for “Find Your Love,” which premiered this week, shows the rapper/singer being captured and presumably shot by a Jamaican gang whose leader is played by dancehall star Mavado.

Edmund Bartlett, the Caribbean country’s Minister of Tourism, said artists should be mindful that the message that is conveyed about Jamaica is wrong.

Jamaica's Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett

“Care has to be taken by all, including our creative artists, in portraying images of our destination and people,” Bartlett told the Gleaner. “Gun culture, while not unique to Jamaica, is not enhancing (the island’s image).”

The video, shot in April in sections of Kingston and St. Andrew, stars Drake as a foreigner who falls in love with a woman who is romantically linked with a gangster named Puffy, played by Mavado. The video begins with Drake being warned by an elderly Rastaman to stay away from her.  Drake, however, ignores the advice and continues to pursue the woman, eventually becoming intimate with her.

Puffy finds out about Drake’s transgressions and instructs his “dogs from the gully” to kidnap the rapper. Soon, Drake is surrounded by Puffy and his men — and the gangster instructs his woman, played by video model Maliah Michel, to “done him.”

The video ends with the woman apparently pointing the gun at Drake’s head before three shots are heard ringing out synched to the words “Find Your Love.” Drake is not actually shown being shot.

Mavado’s manager, Julian Jones-Griffith, said that while he understands the concerns of anyone who might have a problem with the video’s content, he believes Mavado is just playing a role and that the creators of the music video came to Jamaica with a concept.

“The concept that they came up with, where did they come up with that? If Mavado did not do it, another Jamaican actor would have done it,” Jones-Griffith told the Gleaner. “There are a broad range of issues which need addressing if people from California want to portray a love story like this.”

Watch video below: