Trueful, Bobby Brown's image and dancer/stylist Krystal French. Gotcha Bobby! (photo: Vinni Ratcliff)

Bobby Brown chats a bit, Samaki Walker slam-dunks the gumbo, Annie McKnight was late for the date and celeb photog Vincenzo Ratcliff got on her case (the c is silent).

*We kid you not; Bobby Brown was in the house (and not just gracing the wall of honor at the venue) on the night Pop/R&B/ Hip Hop singer Trueful performed at Stevie’s Creole Café, as was basketball star Samaki Walker.

Turns out the bad boy of R&B, Mr. Brown was dining there with brother Tommy and Pop Brown. It was really cool for Trueful one of Hollywood’s new music heartthrobs to meet the legendary singer.  Bobby was very gracious and approachable and chatted with the newcomer and with me. He remembered my sit down interview with him a couple of years ago which was reported exclusively for EURweb.

On this night Bobby declined a photo because he was just having a nice family night out in the valley and not ready for the paps. (It’s important to respect celebs right to privacy.)

BTW, Bobby looked great, fit and lean from his boot camp workouts on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club. So, everyone chill, the legend is looking physically better than ever. Ironically Bobby’s image is painted in the green room of the valley restaurant and photos were shot using his image as a backdrop.

Patrons enjoyed a great evening of Creole cuisine (I can attest the cat fish was great), comedy and a showcase presenting many new rap artists. Trueful and his dancers Jazzy, D. Valentine and Krystal French were featured performers on the bill and pulled out all the stops to mesmerize an industry crowd. Trueful always adds a nice touch by handing out roses to all the ladies in the house. On this night ladies were treated to Argentinean blanche long stem roses. Like Bobby Brown use to do with his hit single “My Prerogative,” Trueful shut it down with his new single “The Beast.”

D. Valentine, Samaki Walker, Debra French (Trueful's mgr.), Trueful, Krystal French; (down front) dancer, Jazzy. Trueful's troops were out in full force (photo: Vinni Ratcliff)

Samaki Walker was at the eaterie slam-dunkin down the hatch some tasty, spicy, juicy slurpalicious Louisiana gumbo loaded with crab legs flying out the sides of the bowl. How do I know that? I asked. When it comes to food, I am noseferata.

Famed EURweb columnist Eunice Moseley was also in the house, generating interest from many of the young comedians on-stage. Must have been that divalucious true-red lipstick signaling vavavoom.

Comedienne Annie McKnight was scheduled to appear but got hung up in Long Beach at the Laugh Factory when her show went into OT. Celeb photog Vinni Ratcliff couldn’t resist hopping on the phone to get on her case (the c is silent), taunting her in good humor.  The tit for tat pay back gest created hysterical laughter from those within listening range.

What a fun night!

Eugenia Wright is a former actress turned syndicated columnist/publicist. You may write to her at [email protected]

Photo Credit:  Vinni Ratcliff