*Lil Wayne has attempted to justify his recent contraband violation at Riker’s Island, which involved the May 13 confiscation of a charger, mp3 player and headphones that were found in his prison cell.

In a telephone conversation with his friend and “Nino Brown Story” DVD collaborator DJ Scoob Doo, the rapper copped to having the items against jail rules, explaining that each one is a necessity for him.

“Yeah, they tried to bang me with that. But I can’t live without my music, Scoob,” he explained, according to Allhiphop.com. “You know how it is, man. I needed my music. It’s all good; I had to take my lil slip up. I ain’t trippin’, players f**k up.”

The infraction constitutes a violation of “good behavior” protocol and could result in Wayne remaining in prison for the majority of his one year sentence.

The artist wouldn’t say if he was punished for the infraction. Normally, inmates are required to face a trial before a corrections officer and a captain to determine whether further punishment is warranted.

“I’m coolin’, I’ll be home soon,” Wayne assured. “It’s Nino Brown; I got the penthouse here at Riker’s. I got my feet up, ya smell me? My team is still holding it down, man. They [are] keeping the flood open. I already know how it go.”