Ali 'Ollie' Woodson & Luenell

*Comedienne/actress Luenell has reached out to EURweb to offer her thoughts on the passing of singer Ali ‘Ollie’ Woodson:

Ali Woodson was one of the few Iconic Soul-Singers left from the Motown Era that could STILL sell out a crowd, light up a party, & make the women scream!  Ali & I have loved, fought, flew & cruised these United States together.  His raspy but golden tones will be missed but his music, acting & friendship will last in my heart 4-ever.” — Luenell

Luenell’s former publicist, Eugenia Wright, who also pens EURweb’s KleoPatra Girl column, also has fond memories of Woodson:

As Luenell’s former publicist, I was privileged to see both Luenell and Ali Woodson on the same bill at the Hollywood Park Casino. They shared wonderful chemistry so evident in his squeeze and hugs he gave to the comic diva.” –Eugenia Wright