Earl Ofari Hutchinson

*On his Friday – May 28 – show, “Real Time” HBO host Bill Maher demanded that President Obama act like a black president and pack a gun when he meets with the BP CEOs.

(Watch video here.)

Now Maher should take his own advice and act like a responsible commentator and apologize for his own politically demeaning and racially offensive dig at Obama.

Politically demeaning and racially offensive are probably not strong enough characterizations of Maher’s silly, inane, effort to get a laugh.

In one fell line, Maher demoted Obama from American president Obama to black president Obama, complete with gun tucked in waistband.

This played to the vile stereotype that blacks are inherent gun-toting gang bangers, drive-by shooters and thugs, and that violence is a natural way of life in black communities.

In another fell line, he played hard on the media and GOP line that Obama fell badly asleep at the wheel on the BP spill, has done little to contain it, and has botched every chance to be the strong, commanding president and rein in the oil giant and the oil industry.

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