The Book

*Auction organizers thought it would go for millions, but so far, no one has placed a bid on a one-of-a-kind Michael Jackson portrait that the singer posed for before his death in June.

“The Book,” a 50-by-40-inch painting by Australian artist Brett-Livingstone Strong of Jackson, shows Jackson sporting a red velvet jacket and clutching a journal.

“I have two parties considering it, so perhaps I will have a buyer soon,” organizer Marc Samson told the Associated Press Wednesday.

The painting’s owner, Marty Abrams, anticipated the portrait, originally sold to Japanese businessman Hiromichi Saeki for $2.1 million in 1990, would go for over $3 million in the auction, which required a minimum starting bid of $2.75 million.

The toy inventor acquired the painting with his partner, John Gentilly, in 1992 from Saeki as payment on a debt. Abrams stored the painting in a New Jersey warehouse for the next 17 years. It was briefly on display at Dancy-Power Automotive showroom in New York’s borough of Harlem after Jackson’s death last June.

Abrams said last month the portrait, which also features a Peter Pan statue painted behind a seated Jackson, was now hanging inside his home in Kings Point, N.Y.