Stevie Wonder turns 60 today

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Today’s ‘Live Better With Willie Jolley’ Tip: Change Your Thinking

Today’s ‘Live Better Tip for Success’ is focused on helping you over come this challenging economy. Helping you to Turn Your Setbacks Into Greenbacks!

Before you change your thinking, you have to change what goes into your mind. Your thinking affects how you act and therefore, what you do. In order to change your weight and health, you must change what you eat. And the same is true for your mind. To change your success, you must change your thinking, and to change your thinking you must change what you allow to enter your mind. You must fill your mind with the pure, the powerful, the positive… healthy, inspirational, and encouraging material. Get rid of the things that will kill your dreams and aspirations: doubt, fear, and negative thinking. Remember that your input always determines your output. Change your thinking and you will change your life!

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May 13: Singer Stevie Wonder is 60. Singer Darius Rucker is 44.


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May 13, 1862: Robert Smalls and 12 fellow Afro-American seamen captured the Planter, a cotton steamer converted into a Confederate battleship. (Source: