The Dream

*Singer and producer, The-Dream will be releasing his cover of Aaliyah’s timeless slow jam, “One in a Million.”

No word yet on where the song will make its debut, but rumors have it the song released on his upcoming mixtape, “Love Sessions.”

Now, you may be frowning at the thought of Dream singing such a sweet melodic song. You are not alone. Bloggers wrote some bad reviews and aren’t too excited for the cover.

So the singer took the time to Tweet a response to all his haters out there.

“No one will ever [sing] Aaliyah’s ‘One in a Million’ like she did! Deff not me lol,” he wrote. “I did it because I [really] miss her still and it was out of respect! Ito her I’m still just a fan not a writer not an artist a Fan! Calm down the worlds not over. But [at least] y’all will remember how dope she was and still is to this day!”

Listen to Dream’s ‘One in a Million’: