Tiger Woods on the Orlando set of EA Sports shoot

*Two days after withdrawing from The Players Championship due to neck pain, Tiger Woods was all smiles in Orlando shooting a commercial for EA Sports’ video game “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11.”

Joining fellow PGA Tour athletes Ian Pulter, Rickie Fowler and Edoardo Molinari, Woods was said to be “upbeat throughout the day-long shoot,” a witness told People.com. “You could tell he was really enjoying the creative focus of the commercial.

“As he was wrapping up, the extras started chanting his name and he gave a thumbs up and waved goodbye.”

After withdrawing from the Players Championship with what was feared a bulging disc, an MRI has shown that the neck injury stems from a facet joint, which sits between any two moveable vertebrae. Woods will have the injury treated with anti-inflammatory medicine, rest, and soft tissue massages.