Jermaine Dupri records with Da Brat on May 26, 2010

*Da Brat is a free woman – sort of.

The rapper, who was sentenced to three years in prison following her 2008 conviction for aggravated assault, has been put on a work release program – allowing her to spend full days Monday through Friday working in the community before returning to her cell at night.

She’s spending her day pass working as a window-maker and recording new music with her mentor/producer Jermaine Dupri. In fact, she used his Twitter account to send a message to her fans. [See photo below.]

Da Brat, born Shawntae Harris, was sentenced to three years jail in Alto, Georgia for her attack on a club waitress in 2007. Her work release, which comes less than two years into her sentence, is designed to prepare prisoners for early release.

JD shot video of Da Brat’s visit to his studio for his Web blog. Below, she says:  “I’m out on a lil’ pass. I had to do some lawyer, attorney stuff. I got a job. I work a 9 to 5 because I’m in the work release program. I make windows, so if ya’ll need a window, holla at your girl.”