First Lady Michelle Obama and Mrs. Margarita Zavala, wife of President Felipe Calderon of Mexico at New Hampshire Estates Elementary School in Silver Spring, Md., May 19, 2010

*A trip to an elementary school by Michelle Obama to promote healthy eating and exercise turned awkward and uncomfortable when one of the kids – a second grade girl – expressed concern that President Obama would deport her mother because “she doesn’t have papers.”

The First Lady was visiting New Hampshire Estates Elementary School in Silver Spring with the wife of Mexican President Felipe Calderon when the girl, during a Q&A session, raised her hand and said that her mom told her Barack Obama was “taking everybody away that doesn’t have some papers.”

Mrs. Obama replied: “That’s something that we have to work on, to make sure that people can be here with the right kind of papers.”

The girl then said, “But my Mom doesn’t have papers.” The First Lady said: “We have to fix that. And everybody’s got to work together in Congress to make sure that that happens.” [Watch clip below.]

The headline-making question drew attention from the main reason for the First Lady’s visit – to promote her Let’s Move! campaign against childhood obesity. Mrs. Obama revealed that her daughters, Sasha and Malia, have the exercise video game Wii Fit back at the White House.

“At our house, we talk to our girls about exercise a lot,” the First Lady stated. “One plays soccer, one plays basketball, they both play tennis. They go to the gym on a regular basis. They ride their bikes.”

Wearing a Calvin Klein shift, ballet flats and an elaborate bib necklace of gold, turquoise and crystal, Mrs. Obama gamely skipped, hopped and ran with the children.

“Who’s breathing heavy?” the gym teacher asked. Mrs. Obama raised her hand, adding that next time, “Maybe I can wear jeans and sneakers.” [Watch clip below.]