*Mary J. Blige has just released the video for ‘We Got Hood Love” feat. Trey Songz, the next single from her album “Stronger With Each Tear.”

Directed by Chris Robinson, the clip follows three feuding couples who eventually kiss and make up.

While Songz and his love interest filmed their scenes at a New York apartment, Blige and her on-screen lover, Buffalo Bills’ player George Wilson, shot their altercation in Miami.

Wilson told the Buffalo News about his experience with Blige: “I just played off her. If she jumped down my throat, in my mind I’m saying, ‘Say something. Come back, come back,’ because all we really had to do was argue. They had the music playing over us, so it was definitely a new arena for me. I’m used to having my jersey and helmet on.

“But to have them off and be in front of the camera and be working with an icon like Mary, I knew I had to bring my ‘A’ game like you have to on the field. I wanted to make it seem like I was as comfortable as possible so that when you see the video hopefully I don’t look like an amateur.”