Christopher 'Dudus' Coke

*(Via Twenty years ago, American authorities had Jamaica’s most feared drug lord in their hands. In 1988, the aptly named Christopher Coke, aka “Dudus,” was convicted of possession of stolen property in North Carolina.

But instead of being sent to an American prison, he was deported to Jamaica.

Since his return to the island, Dudus has cultivated an almost messianic following among his supporters in the West Kingston neighborhood of Tivoli Gardens.

So when Jamaican authorities announced last week that they would extradite Dudus to the U.S., people took to the streets in protest, brandishing signs that read “Jesus died for us, we will die for Dudus.”

Die, they have. Over 70 people have been killed in Jamaica since the capital erupted in violence early this week-Dudus supporters had reportedly been stockpiling weapons since the extradition request was revealed last August, and now they’re putting them to use.

Christopher “Dudus” Coke is the heir to a powerful crime family with a history of trouble in the United States. He is the alleged head of a criminal gang known as the Shower Posse, and is sought by the U.S. government on charges of drug and gun smuggling.

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