*Los Angeles — African American women sometimes feel they are under attack from a constant stream of negative information from the media. ABC News and “Nightline” both recently featured long segments dedicated to the problems black women face finding suitable mates.

And with many African American men struggling with low graduation rates and high incarceration, those problems don’t seem to be going away. Many black women have taken to dating outside their race and are looking at white, Latino and Asian men — and that is good thing according to dating expert JT “The Asian Playboy” Tran.

Tran is a Pick-Up Artist, a professional who teaches men the art of seduction, who runs a company called the ABCs of Attraction. Being based in the cultural melting pot of Los Angeles, Tran says that he has dated several African American women.

Tran says that African American women and Asian men have a lot in common, because they are often avoided by members of their own race. He urges both groups to open their dating horizons.

“There are a lot of beautiful black women out there and, as many Asian men at the ABCs of Attraction can attest to, black women love Asian men and vice versa,” Tran said.

However both groups face challenges in the dating arena. “Asian men and black women are the most de-sexualized group of people in the United States,” Tran said. “Asian men come from a background that values deference and politeness, these are not skills that make you a winner on the modern-day dating field. However Asian women are seen as exotic are often sought after by men of other races.”

Tran said that he has noticed that Asian female immigrants are more likely to marry, while Asian male immigrants have a hard time finding spouses. Tran created the Asian Playboy image to shatter the image of the nerdy and asexual Asian man. “I wanted to show that Asian men can be cool, confident and sexy,” Tran said.

Tran said that African American women are sometimes avoided by men of their own culture, because of the perception that they are aggressive. But, he has not found this to be true.

“This is simply not the case. There are many beautiful African American women who are intelligent and have very feminine qualities and there are dominant Asian men with social savvy and leadership skills,” Tran said. “A great example is the pairing of John Cho and Gabrielle Union from “Flash Forward.” This is an interracial couple consisting of two attractive people who are Asian and black.”

Tran teaches classes all over the world to men who want to learn how to be successful in the dating field. His classes cover wardrobe, how to approach women and even opening lines. One of the areas he touches on is how to approach women from different ethnic groups, including African American women.

He says that African American women are often surprised when they are approached by Asian men, who often “fly under the radar.” Tran advises Asian men to use direct, but classy opening lines when they are approaching African American women. He is not a fan of “hollering” at black women.

“Often times, Asian men are used to holding back their opinions and can take less action because they feel that their daily lives require it,” Tran said. “This can be seen in the office, with family, and other social situations that Asian men have been culturally taught to stay quiet. Black women are strong and they want a man who can hold his own. “

Tran even has his own Asian man-African American woman success story. After taking his class, one of his clients met a beautiful sister at a coffee shop in New York.

“Even with his heart pounding, palms sweating, and everyone staring at him, this 5″2, baby-faced Korean, walked up to an African American woman, smiled and said hello. A year and a half later they were engaged,” Tran said.

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