Things around the home environment get a bit feisty, but all is for your benefit. So don’t lose your renowned temper, or worse, jump the gun before thinking things out. If you can’t hold back, which seems a given on the 26th, be guided by your opposite sign of Libra. His/her suggestions are meant to keep you on an even keel through some very tough negotiations.

Oh, to be a Taurus this week! With favorable Venus firing up your love life this forecast period, you are on a lucky streak that covers a wide swath of your life: affairs – business or otherwise – demand direct communication. You have entered into a period that allows you to be heard, and with your comforting voice getting an assist from motherly Cancer, your wishes are granted.

With all the attention that was showered on you shifting to your finances, pat yourself on the back for paying attention to detail.  The 23rd throws you into battle well-armed with wisdom to keep others on course, but the 25th could flip a situation you thought was in your favor in the afternoon to another in the evening. Here’s betting the Full Moon on the 26th turns things back around in the nick of time.

This forecast period finds you in deep concentration early on, and then a tempest lasting from the 23rd to the 26th bathes you in unexpected attention. With the Sun in your sign, what else can be expected? The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on the 26th, in your opposite sign of Capricorn, brings a long-term search to positive fruition. Business is about to get serious, but your famous sensitive side will guide you through the maze.

Usually the most important person in your life – yourself, of course – can’t get enough sleepless nights, due to the quest for world-wide domination. But you really do have a heart of gold, and, to those who disbelieve, you are now willing to share your thoughts with the ones who truly care. Look to lose a bit of sleep over the weekend, but at least you’ll be with that significant other.

You are so into truthiness that it nearly resembles a neurosis. You really know the ins and the outs, the ups and downs in your personal search for that ever-elusive perfection, but that is allayed by the fact that “what ain’t broke don’t need fixin'” works for you: You reap the rewards of your obsession over the weekend, most notably on the Full Moon of the 26th.  Rest days are the 22nd and 27th. Please, do relax!

Your common sense love of balance in the world reaps dividends, but not without resembling a boxing match from the 23rd to the 26th (especially). The 27th and 28th, though, offer you an interesting chance to put yourself into a position of creative power. Don’t allow the attention to draw you into a false sense of security.  Bring an attitude of teamwork to the arena and others will follow.

The past several months have been marked by slowdowns and missteps. Your significant powers are enhanced with a pull that finds even you surprised by uncanny insights. You are exceptionally busy on the 25th, but it’s a picnic compared to the next day’s Full Moon activities. If there is an instinct to dive right into a secret pet project, that is exactly the day to see the big picture.

The lure of the public eye is fun, and we’re betting that the best is yet to come, what with your penchant for the next adventure near the horizon. Book the Full Moon eclipse on the 26th to kick you into another dimension of fun and games. Others feel the tension radiating from you and enjoy the vibe of looking beyond the norm. You ought to charge for the energy!

The normally conservative Capricorn is now being urged to climb out of the cave and enjoy life, not fear it. Expect to be pulled out of your habitat on the 26th, the day the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls into your sign. You and Cancer are the two special signs that bring comfort and financial security/sensibility when you hook up. Add that eclipse and the beginnings of a significant life shift is virtually guaranteed.

Venus recently began an aspect that hints of the imminent solidity of a love relationship. Warming it up is no problem this forecast period, because current aspects now bring a comfort that was missing in other relationships. Here and now is what you’re dealing with, which will become crystal clear when the Full Moon on the 26th hits. On the 28th, the Moon enters Aquarius. Check your moodiness at the door.

Elemental mixtures assure that your intuitions are correct, so now it’s safe to swim with the Piscean fish. Openness brings you a ton of fortunate advice on the 23rd and 24th. Career ambitions have a chance of coming to reality on the Full Moon 26th. That’s a good day to put into concrete action any and all plans to enhance your goals. Stick to your plan – it will work.

CELEBRITY BIRTHDAY: Tichina Arnold – Born June 28, 1971

Tichina Arnold

Born with the Sun in caring Cancer and the Moon in fertile Virgo (goddess of bountiful harvests), actress Tchina Arnold glows with intuitive energy in whatever role she tackles.

Known primarily as young Chris Rock’s authoritative mother on the now-syndicated “Everybody Hates Chris,” Arnold lets others know where she stands, thanks to intense Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn couples with retrograde Jupiter, so Tichina brings a cool and controlled delivery that suddenly bursts with distinctly delivered lines.

With communicative Mercury also in Cancer along with her Sun, Arnold is preternaturally attuned to her emotions, but don’t cross her, what with the aforementioned aspects of Saturn ad Jupiter in vengeful Scorpio!

An active Mars in the Air sign of Aquarius endows her with a Hollywood “air” about her. Add Neptune in the Fire sign of Sagittarius, and there is no doubt that Ms. Arnold is the one doing the talking in any conversation.

But that Cancer Sun overrides such over the top yakking by making this talented actress one of the most loyal people one could ever hope to find.