Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj

*(Via At a recent show in New York, Lil Kim took the time to address Nicki Minaj and her lack of “respect.”

The Queen Bee asked that Minaj pay “homage” to her and took things a step further by saying if the Young Money femcee doesn’t pay her respects, then there’s a big “f*ck you” coming from Kim.

While the similarities between Kim and Minaj from a superficial stance are apparent (sexy, shapely and oozing of sensuality) to say Minaj has to pay homage to Kim in such a threatening manner is beyond me.

The situation is brought to the forefront because it appears there’s only room enough for one “hot” female rapper at a time. Right now, Nicki Minaj is that chick.

Lil Kim hasn’t put out an album since 2006, yet it’s obvious she wants to make her way back into the spotlight. And maybe taking shots at Nicki will force people to pay attention to her.

Maybe not.

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Watch Lil Kim and Ray J surreptitiously call out Nicki Minaj (Warning: Sound is loud and somewhat distorted):