*In an interview with Us Weekly, Gary Coleman’s friend Jeremy Spence says the late actor was not feeling well in the hours before his fatal fall.

The 42-year-old returned from his regular dialysis treatment for a congenital kidney disease on Wednesday morning feeling drained, according to Spence. It was only hours later that he slipped and hit his head, causing an intracranial hemorrhage.

“Dialysis had taken a lot out of him that day,” Spence told the outlet. “He just wanted to go home, but he was pretty weak. He had no strength at all.”

Coleman died in a Utah hospital on Friday. As previously reported, a memorial service is being planned for this weekend. Coleman’s attorney Randy Kester says it will take place either Friday or Saturday at Lake Hills Mortuary in Salt Lake City.

Although Coleman has been estranged from his parents for decades, Kester says they will attend the memorial service.

Kester says he spoke to Coleman’s mother Sue “a couple days ago” and added that “it’s been kind of hard” for them. He added that “there are a lot of emotions surrounding all of it”.

He also said that other family members “seem to be doing okay. Gary’s really gone. It’s one of those things that you keep trying to get your mind around.”

Gary sued his parents in 1989, accusing them and a former manager of mishandling a $3.8 million trust fund, something they continue to deny. Sue told People magazine: “We never stole from our son. We always had his best interests at heart.

“After we stopped hearing from him, we reached out to him anyway we could. Over the years, we sent him birthday and Christmas wishes through his agents and managers because we often had no phone number, no address to reach him. But we always hoped someday he’d come around.”