*Gary Coleman’s ex-wife says she was cheated of saying a final farewell to the actor because his cremation took place on Thursday in Sandy, Utah without anyone telling her.

“She wanted to be there,” says Shielia Erickson, a rep for Coleman’s ex Shannon Price.

Shielia says they found out about the cremation four hours after it happened. At the very least, Shielia says they should have been notified of the time, “even if we were saying a prayer at the time…It’s sad she didn’t know.”

Less than 24 hours before these comments, Erickson told RadarOnline.com that Shannon did NOT want to visit Gary’s body one last time, because she felt she had said all of her goodbyes in the hospital.

Shannnon made the decision to take Gary off life support even though he had signed a directive that he didn’t want the plug pulled.