*Gary Coleman’s former agent Victor Perillo has released a statement saying he is “personally appalled” by the reported sale of photos showing the actor on his death bed, and calls the transaction “unconscionable and despicable.”

TMZ reported Monday that Coleman’s ex-wife Shannon Price orchestrated the sale of photos to a tabloid outlet and will receive a cut of the profit. Perillo lashed out in the following statement condemning the action:

“While Gary Coleman’s family continues to privately grieve the passing of their son, they would like to thank all of his fans for their generous support. This kind gentle soul left the world with many beautiful memories to cherish. That is why I am personally appalled to hear the news that individuals are selling photos of Gary in the hospital. This is unconscionable and despicable. I would like to praise all the reputable news organizations that declined the offers. I hope others will do the same out of respect and human decency.”

Meanwhile, TMZ is reporting that Coleman’s mother Edmonia Sue Coleman finds Shannon’s actions “extremely disrespectful.”

“I can’t think of any other reason why she would do that unless it’s just for the money,” Mrs. Coleman said.