*Diddy is trying something new… “positive” blogging. He recently launched his good news blog after becoming a little wary of the gossip, drama and scandalous reports. Check it out at DiddyBlog.com.

Fans and readers can read motivational stories – bad content is strictly prohibited.

“The blog is an all-100 per cent positive, thousand, zillion per cent positive blog. It’s about inspiring you, motivating you, empowering your dreams, empowering you,” Diddy said. “It’s not about any news about who’s dating who, who’s not doing good, who got exposed today. Go to the other sites for that. It’s just about motivation and inspiration and love”

No this isn’t another gimmick to drive in more revenue. He has made a pledge not to promote any of his new projects or brands on this site. It is strictly for positivity and empowerment.