DeBorah B. Pryor

*You’ve seen her guest articles on EUR over the past 8 years, and, no matter the subject, they have generally had a positive, authentic slant.

Now DeBorah B. Pryor continues this theme as she joins Oprah’s “Your OWN Show” challenge to pitch her news program, “Good News!” – a wildcard entry – that purports the general public is overwhelmed by traditional news programs and their negative content.

“Lee, if I hear one more person say that they have stopped watching the news because it depresses them, I’ll scream. So many people out here are busting their butt to improve our society, and they need to know that their efforts are really making a difference. Plus, a show such as this would motivate others to pay-it-forward too. Can you imagine looking at a news program and hearing nothing but positive, uplifting truths? And I don’t mean just talk, I mean going into the neighborhoods, the schools, the centers and such, and actually hearing the people; seeing them in action. All news is not bad news. Let’s have more balance in the news we watch.”

To see DeBorah’s audition video – “Good News” – just click HERE to go to the official Oprah Winfrey website. Remember the 3rd letter in her name is capitalized (“B”). If you like what you see, get trigger-happy with your voting hand and keep clicking on the “vote” button. Comments are very welcomed on the site, too.   

Good Luck with GOOD NEWS, DeBorah. EUR is behind you all the way!