*A planned funeral for Gary Coleman that was to take place this weekend has been cancelled as a custody battle over his remains continues on between his ex-wife and his estranged parents.

The “Diff’rent Strokes” star was supposed to be buried either today or Saturday in Utah, but Memorial Estates funeral director Blake Yates has confirmed the funeral service has been put on hold, according to WENN.

Coleman’s mother and father are objecting plans by their son’s ex-wife, Shannon Price, to bury the star in Sandy, Utah. Sue and Willie Coleman want to take his remains home to Illinois.

Coleman’s attorney Randy Kester is unable to predict when the custody battle might end, because the actor left important documentation about his trust unsigned. Kester says, “He had an old trust prepared, by whom I don’t know. Every copy I had seen was unsigned. He just simply wouldn’t take the time to go and get that done.”

Meanwhile, Price has revealed that she can’t afford her planned funeral for Gary anyway, and has solicited donations from fans.

Coleman’s “Diff’rent Strokes” co-star Todd Bridges came forth this week predicting that no funeral should take place, because Gary was against it.

“Gary didn’t want a funeral. We have paperwork and we will bring it out soon that will show what his wishes were,” he told ET Online.

Price, who was legally authorized to make medical decisions on Coleman’s behalf, gave doctors permission to turn off the actor’s life support system after he suffered a brain hemorrhage from a fall.