*Dow Jones Newswires are reporting that some executives at maligned financial company Goldman Sachs are mulling a massive PR campaign to repair their image – with a visit to “The Oprah Winfrey Show” as its centerpiece.

According to Dow Jones, the bank wants CEO Lloyd Blankfein visit “Oprah” as part of an overall strategy to move past its current image of contributing to the nation’s economic downturn.

Goldman Sachs allegedly defrauded investors by failing to disclose that it was betting against subprime mortgage investments that it sold to clients.

Fiona Laffan, the bank’s head of media relations in Europe, Middle East and Africa, told Dow Jones of the planned PR campaign: “We are thinking of advertising” for the first time. There are people [in the bank] who think we should go on ‘Oprah.’ I’m not one of them.”

Lucas van Praag, Goldman’s chief PR rep, told Dealbreaker’s Bess Levin that the bank has no plans to have executives appear on the “Oprah.” Also, the New York Post spoke to other unnamed Goldman sources who said there is no “Oprah” appearance in the offing — but they confirmed the bank is actively working on an image makeover.