Taffy Wagner

*Marriage has decreased in the African American Community. There are men and women that want to be married within the African American Community, but have not seen the benefits of it.

*Black Bride and Groom Magazine is known throughout the country for the finest planning services and wedding resources for the African American community. BB&G has information on the latest bridal trends, to the best vendors in your area. Due to tremendous feedback from their target audience, BBG is now addressing one of the leading causes of divorce – Money!!

Featured in the “Wedding Wellness Series”, BB&G has partnered with Denver based Dr. Taffy Wagner, nationally recognized financial expert and money & marriage advocate. Together, they will launch a series of seminars addressing financial issues ranging from who does the money belong to, financial fiascoes and more for brides and grooms prior to saying “I do.” Dr. Wagner will discuss with couples the importance of laying a financial foundation before and during their marriage.

According to the Marriage Index released earlier this year, “the tally of married black people aged 20 to 54 slipped from 64% of the total black adult population in 1970 to 39.6% in 2008, a period when marriages for all races declined from 78.6% to 57.2%. Also noted in the index were 29% of black children lived with their married parents in 2008 which compared to 34.8% in 1990”. Dr. Wagner states, “Clearly the importance of a family unit must be addressed and they need to be equipped as well with life sustaining skills when it comes to dollars and cents.

BB&G released a statement saying, “This partnership is our way of ensuring our brides and grooms improve their chances of a lasting relationship by giving them a direct connection with a financial expert, and money and marriage counselor with proven success.” Financial literacy is important to every marriage as husbands and wives, and as individuals because money is a daily tool used to buy lunch, gas up your vehicle or pay the rent. How can it not be an important component of marriage?

Dr. Wagner says, “Getting that toaster oven as a wedding gift is nice, but it won’t help you sustain your marriage during the tough times if you can’t afford the bread.” Brides and grooms must think beyond the box of their wedding day and ensure they have the skills to sustain marriage for a lifetime. The bottom line is communication and knowing you’re now taking care of two people. Not just one, anymore.

You cannot miss out on this opportunity. Don’t leave your brides and grooms in the cultural darkness of talking about money while arguing. Step into the light, and help them learn from an expert the tools they need to be successful in money, marriage and more.

About BB&G
Black Bride & Groom (BB&G), illustrates what it means to be a modern multicultural bride and groom – which is precisely what makes us different from all the rest. Our pages are full of helpful hints and in-depth articles that appeal to both the x- and y-chromosomes, ensuring that this magazine will be a staple for couples as they venture into the world of wedding décor, honeymoon hotspots and pre/post-marriage predicaments. People of color requested a place of familiarity where faces of color would bring great inspiration to their bridal reality. www.blackbrideandgroom.com

Dion Magee, CMM
Publisher, BB&G Publications

About Taffy Wagner, DMin
Taffy Wagner is a money and marriage advocate, Certified Educator in Personal Finances, speaker and expert, ordained minister as well as author of Amazon.com Bestsellers Debt Dilemma and Homebuyer’s Helper. She is the host of Money and Marriage Xposed radio on Blogtalk Radio. She has been interviewed by The Associated Press, US News and World Reports, Called Magazine and Womansday.com about handling money before and after marriage. Dr. Wagner is available to speak at seminars, conferences and even small groups. She can be reached through her website at www.moneytalkmatters.com

Dr. Taffy Wagner, CEPF
Owner of Money Talk Matters, LLC