*Chicago, IL — The economy isn’t the only thing affecting couples these days.  Many women admit their love lives have also been hit hard and they’re looking for a bedroom stimulus package.  

Angel, a local housewife has taught classes for women looking to improve their sex lives through oral sex for years.  

Her class is a non X-rated, professional environment where women learn over forty techniques to perform fellatio.  Over 10,000 women have taken Angel’s class to learn dozens of her specialized oral sex techniques to please their spouses or intimate partners.  Once a woman has completed a class, she earns her “wings” from Angel.  

The responses to Angel’s classes were so overwhelming she decided to produce a DVD showcasing her techniques in 2009.  

To date, Angel’s Pleasure Principles: The Ultimate Art of Fellatio, Volume One has sold over 50,000 copies locally, nationally and internationally to women looking to strengthen their relationships.  

Dr. Rachel Ross, MD, PhD and sex therapist recommends Angel’s Pleasure Principles: The Ultimate Art of Fellatio, Volume One to couples as a safe alternative to vaginal sex.  

“Oral sex can create a much more intimate environment for couples looking to enhance or salvage their relationship.  Angel’s Pleasure Principles has given thousands of women the confidence to perform exciting and sensual oral sex on their mates. Intimacy is a key component to any relationship and I encourage women to be adventurous in the bedroom.”  

With divorce and separation rates on the rise across the country, couples are willing to look outside of conventional methods to save their relationships.

Angel’s Pleasure Principles: The Ultimate Art of Fellatio, Volume One is a instructional video where Angel performs each technique several times and explains how to heighten the experience through touching, body movement and sounds.  Many women were too shy to attend Angel’s classes in person.  

The DVD allows them to learn the techniques in the privacy of their home.  Men have also purchased the video as gifts for the woman in their life.  

Many women are reported to be thankful for the gift because it shows their man trusts them enough to communicate their desires.  Angel stresses that the techniques work best for consenting adults in a committed relationship.  

Angel has received thousands of letters from thankful customers who purchased the DVD and gained the confidence to approach fellatio in a new way and in some cases for the first time.  She is quickly becoming known as a fellatio expert to the thousands of women she has touched through her classes, website and video.  

Her goal is to restore the passion to dying relationships by empowering women.  All of her techniques are simple to learn and can be combined with other techniques to enhance the sensuality of the fellatio experience.  She took intimate moments with her husband and turned them into a tool to save relationships.  

For more information, visit www.thepleasureprinciples.com.  

Kellie Martin  
[email protected]
Number 312-402-6997