Illustration commissioned by attorney Geoffrey Fieger that shows what he said today is how Aiyana Stanley-Jones was killed: a gunshot through the head, not neck as previously reported. (Office of Geoffrey Fieger)

*An attorney representing the family of 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones, who was shot and killed by Detroit police during a raid, says he has evidence proving that the girl was shot through the top of the head, not through the neck as previously stated on her death certificate.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Geoffrey Fieger said a preliminary autopsy conducted by Macomb County Medical Examiner Daniel Spitz, who Fieger retained, confirms that the bullet “perforates the scalp, right frontal lobe …” and exited “the anterior surface of the neck.” [See photo above.]

Spitz’s report, passed out today at a news conference, indicates Wayne County spokesman Dennis Niemiec confirmed that the county Medical Examiner’s Office changed the death certificate to indicate that Aiyana’s cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head, not neck, after a conversation with Spitz.

Detroit police claim that an officer’s gun accidentally went off May 16 inside an east side Detroit home as officers searched for a 34-year-old murder suspect. Police have said the gun fired during a struggle with Aiyana’s grandmother.

However, Fieger claims that a video of the event filmed by a TV crew tagging along shows that the officer fired a shot from outside the front door that struck Aiyana while she was sleeping on a living room couch. With Aiyana’s family seated with him, he showed reporters an animated version of what he believes occurred.

“He shot purposely,” Fieger said of the officer. “I’m not suggesting that he knew what he was shooting at. I’m telling you that he pulled the trigger and fired into the house. It was not an accident.” David Balash, a retired firearms examiner for the Michigan State Police, was surprised by the findings.

“How could you possibly miss that?” he said of the change in the death certificate. “A bullet entering the top of the head is not something you can miss. If they missed that, there is something dramatically wrong in the city of Detroit and county of Wayne.”

Film crews from the A&E show “The First 48” were on hand at the time of the shooting. Fieger has maintained that he viewed a separate video of the raid which shows the fatal shot came from the front porch after police tossed a flash-bang grenade through the front window.

Fieger also called for other police officers to come forward and admit that there was no struggle and the fatal shot was fired from outside of the home.

“My belief is that this is part of a significant cover-up,” he said. “Come forward and tell the truth.”