the new iPhone 4g

*Welcome to this very special edition of the InSYnc, the weekly column featured only here on Apple finally let the cat out of the bag Monday with the debut of iPhone 4.  

As rumored, the device is just like the one that was leaked about two months back. It has a redesigned body, an aluminum casing that also acts as an antennae, two microphones, a front facing (5 megapixel) camera with flash (about time) and a gyro meter that adds motion sensitivity, kind of like a Playstation or Wii controller.

It’s basically the iPhone both you and I have been waiting for. Fresh on the heels of the Sprint’s EVO, another monster of a device, Apple promises to make this the most coveted device on the planet.

In the past, each generation of the iPhone has had a bump in memory with the first being only a mere 4GB. This year, Apple decided to keep the maximum amount of memory at 32GB, releasing a 16GB and 32GB model in both black and white. Apple also states that the new iPhone will have an increased battery life because of the A4 processor, the same one that’s used in the iPad.  Apple CEO Steve Jobs made it a point to mention that the screen has a retina display, and until his keynote I had no idea what a retina display was. Essentially it makes things display very clear, like a bionic screen.  Gosh, I wonder what this thing will be like by the year 2020.

If you want this phone as bad as I do, you can pre-order it on June 15, and it should arrive by June 24th in the stores. I know what I will be doing the morning of June 15th.

Darryl Yates is the owner of Gadget Guy Consulting, a tech-based firm in Atlanta, Ga. Follow him on twitter @

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