Nick Kosir, the rapping weather man

*The weather just got a different flavor in Texas. A local weatherman on a Fox affiliate in Beaumont raps the forecast.

His name is Nick Kosir and 26-years-old. He’s become a popular guy on YouTube and is enjoying is few minutes of fame.

“I was really excited,” he told the Houston Chronicle. “One day when I’m old and fat and sitting on the couch, I can tell my son, ‘For one week in 2010, I was pretty cool.’ I’m enjoying this. An artist does his work for two reasons: because he wants to and because he wants others to enjoy his work. So this is very exciting for me.”

He’s a considerate weather guy and understands the diversity in his audience, so he only raps the forecast when it’s clear and sunny … he wants to be sure everyone who really wants to hear the weather hear the weather clearly.

Before his 15 minutes are up, don’t be surprised to see him on the Fox News morning show “Fox & Friends.”

If you haven’t already, check him out: