*Are we serious here. With all the problems in the world, bombs over head, and starving human beings, the animal rights organization PETA is still duking it out with singer Kelis.

That fur-wearing, animal flesh eating woman has been on the bad side of the organization for some time now.

In January, the singer proclaimed her devout dedication to wearing fur and PETA hasn’t stopped criticizing her since. Kelis is tired of it.

“I’ve always worn fur,” she told blogger Perez Hilton, “I’ve never had an issue with it. PETA mentioned a few things, I ignored it. They sent me a nasty letter, I’m like, what, are you serious? Leave me alone basically.”

She’s thrown some harsh words at the org and animals all over, but continues to stand by her word in saying everyone has the right to make their own decisions as long as they’re legal.

“I’m like the biggest carnivore,” she said. “I eat a plate of meat. I don’t need anything else. I enjoy it that much. I believe in live and let live.”