Theodore "Theo" Crampton, hot celebrity baker with a cool head

*I received an invitation to attend an event introducing a new celebrity baker

Theodore “Theo” Crampton launching his West Hollywood cake boutique “Powder Sugar Cakes.” Theo recently designed a magnificent multi-tier cake for Patti LaBelle’s 66th birthday surprise that started tongues wagging and lips drooling in tinsel town.

Anyone who knows me knows that “dessert” is my middle name, I must have it, everyday and so I knew I was not going to miss this affair, not by a long shot. I printed-out the invite and made sure to post it to my bulletin board every now and then flattening any creases on the paper like petting the puppy, so I would not forget.

The setting to present the gourmet cakes was the beautiful Villa Lounge in West Hollywood on Melrose. What a place!!! Inside is dripping with luxury. Persian rugs cover the floors and antique green brocade patterned wallpaper adorn the walls. There is a huge chandelier that covers the entire ceiling, made out of rope, yes rope and curious art adorns the walls. My favorite was Napoleon with goggles. Zebra pattern rugs cover the stairwell leading to the upper level where you are greeted to a modern white leather furniture seating area. There were also several gigantic antique Tiffany lamps fringed with crystal hanging beads. Partygoers, Villa Lounge makes other lounges in the city look droll.

The proof is in the cake

So where’s the cake, I went sniffing around but didn’t find any. Patience, patience is virtue. Then I was introduced to the baker of the hour. I was expecting an older man an Emeril type or even a Bobby Flay of color, but the baker Theodore “Theo” Crampton (don’t forget the name), is a 23 African-American young man with a baby face who was dressed in a crisp flat-ironed suit and tie. He was articulate and very debonair without affectation, calm and taking the evening in stride. I had a chance to chat with him and ask him, “With the state of Americans being declared obese, how does he feel about producing a product that is making people fat?  Theo simply stated, “all things in moderation.”  He also went on to say that he is working on cake recipes that cater to people with special dietetic needs such as diabetes. I also asked, having designed cakes for an array of stars, who is his dream client and he said that he would love to bake for Seal and Heidi Klum; and Oprah. Then he clarified stating “Oprah, number one.” I wondered who had influenced him to start baking. Theo revealed he started baking at the age of eight, highly influenced by his mom and grandmother when they would bake Christmas cookies.

Then it was time for cake!!!! Or so, I thought, but no, hors d’hoevres were being served. Professional waiters, arms uplifted, served Asian salad in the Chinese take out boxes and sweet glazed nectarine sushi delight on lightly toasted mini bread. There was also complimentary wine. Celebrities, Kathleen Bradley (former Barker’s Beauty), Kym Whitley (comedienne), Trueful (Pop-R&B/Hip Hop singer, fashionista Krystal French and Adriane Carter (Theodore’s mom, a young looking gorgeous lady) were seen among the guests that crowded Villa Lounge.

Kathleen Bradley and Kym Whitley smile for cake

Now, for the piece de resistance, French horns and drum roll please, voila the cake or I should say cakes were served. First round was a coffee espresso delight with lots of coffee flavored whipped cream between the layers, with a crunchy topping. Next up a heavenly strawberry cream delight and for a final presentation and my favorite, a coconut pineapple cake was served. This one made my taste buds do a wild cha cha cha.

I made a killing for these samplings, indulging in one bite right after the other, after the other. By the time I left I was full of cake. I think I ate a little too much. At 2AM, my stomach jumped to the beat of a rumble rumba. Theo is right, “All things in moderation.”

You have not indulged till you taste one of Theo’s “Powder Sugar Cakes.”  Kleo out!

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Photo Credit:  Donald Carraway