Kobe Bryant holds NBA championship trophy at 2009 victory celebration

*A lot of LA residents, including columnist and social activist Jasmyne Cannick, are freaking out at the thought of the Lakers winning another NBA title.

Actually they have no problem with the team winning the championship again. The problem is that since the city is er, shall we say, cash strapped, they don’t want public funds, what little there is left in the coffers, used to pay a victory parade.

Not to worry say the Lakers. If they win the title, they’ll foot the bill, according to a report in the LA Times:

If the Los Angeles Lakers beat back the Boston Celtics and win the NBA Championship, the team has offered to pick up the tab of a city parade, a Lakers spokesman said Friday.

The offer should spare the city from the controversy that erupted last year over the use of public funds to pay for a parade after the Lakers beat the Orlando Magic for the team’s 15th NBA championship. Eventually, private donors stepped in to cover half the city’s $1.8 million in costs for police protection and other services.

Some City Council members and city union representatives already were voicing opposition to a possible city-funded celebration this year if the Lakers win, citing Los Angeles’ ailing fiscal health.

“We have offered a sum which we think should more than cover the expected costs; however, we have not had any final plans approved, as we do not want to get too far ahead of ourselves at this point,” said Lakers spokesman John Black.

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