*The NAACP’s got their collective undies in a bunch because of a Hallmark graduation card they say puts racist rhetoric in the mouths of two of the company’s staple of characters, Hoots and Yoyo.

The card makes references to extraterrestrial objects that a graduate is capable of conquering, including what Hallmark says are “black holes.”

However, the NAACP isn’t hearing it. Literally and figuratively. They say Hoots and Yoyo are talking trash about African-American women.

“It sounds like a group of children laughing and joking about blackness,” a representative of the group said at a press conference where they called for the card to be taken off the shelves.

The two characters talk about various space objects, later saying, “You black holes, you’re so ominous! … Watch your back!,” a joke a Hallmark representative claimed was intended to express that the graduate could now take on anything, including anti-matter.

But, reps from the NAACP aren’t hearing it that way. They argue that the way the word “holes” was pronounced, it comes out sounding like “hoes” or “whores,” making it “very demeaning to African-American women.”

The card has been pulled from shelves, although Hallmark spokespeople say the card had been on the shelves for three years without incident, and that they are trying to “learn from this experience.”

See and hear it for yourself in this ABC7.com video report