*A cosmetics marketing company is suing Naomi Campbell for allegedly backing out of a fragrance deal after failing to meet her obligations to promote the products.

Moodform Mission accuses the supermodel of being consistently late for meetings during her promotional tour for such scents as Naomi Campbell and Seductive Elixir with manufacturers Procter & Gamble.

The company’s co-director Chris Owen also alleges that Campbell once tried to attack him with a bottle.

In an affidavit obtained by the New York Post, Campbell’s former rep, Carole White, claims that in 2000, the model scrapped an appearance at a televised awards show in Australia because she didn’t want to walk a flight of stairs.

“Her failure to show was not only embarrassing, but caused friction with (the) Wella (perfume) people in Australia,” said White.

Campbell has filed a countersuit in the case, alleging she trusted White like “a surrogate mother” and signed the deal without knowing the full details – she’s also claimed her former rep concealed her role as a co-director at Moodform.

White’s lawyer, Daniel Bright, filed papers asking for Campbell’s countersuit to be dismissed, writing, “The human element that brings the parties before the court is clear: greed, ingratitude and a grotesque sense of entitlement on the part of Campbell that, in her mind, justifies her doing anything she wants to do, including stealing her business partners’ money and then lying about what happened.”

Campbell has previously called the company’s lawsuit “ridiculous and absurd.”