Allen Jones

*Allen Jones has lived an interesting life and has come to realize that all he was led to believe needed a 21st century rethinking in the areas of race, sexual orientation and ability.

He challenges traditional thinking with true stories of the contrary in his autobiography CASE GAME. He says he is ready to, “Un-confuse the confused.”

Rising to the challenges, is how Allen Jones of San Francisco came to, what he describes as, the pivotal point of his life, or the Case Game; a term he borrowed from his favorite pastime, billiards.

Attending an elementary school for handicap children, Jones, quickly realized – contrary to what others at the time automatically assumed due to the nature of many of their disabilities – that his fellow classmates were all very much normal; or as he put it, “Normal minds, on top of mangled bodies.”

As a teenager, however, he felt anything but normal. With hidden, innate, homosexual desires, and a disdain for pity from those he perceived overly focused on his handicap, he struggled silently. His high school drafting instructor even at one time, recognizing a rebellious spirit, saying, “Allen, you will never get a drafting job.” Ironically, Jones turned that slight into a drafting position on his first day out of school; a profession he worked in for twenty years.

In his first attempt to get an apartment, he was told, “We already rented it.” Due to that, he was able to furnish his first apartment with a new color TV and stereo after cashing the settlement check. However, in his first apartment, a neighbor once told him in response to the playing of loud music with that same stereo, to “Shut up you crippled, nigger faggot!” From that crude statement, Jones learned to respect others.

Jones has a propensity to inspire but can be very controversial and provocative. He writes why he believes the term, “African-American” is akin to “Whites Only,” and surprisingly does not condemn, but condones the way in which today’s youth use the “N-word.”

Allen Jones is a former Bible study teacher to teenage felons and currently, a prison reform activist living in San Francisco.

Case Game: Lulu Press – Publisher

Allen Jones
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