*A group of black pastors is looking to spread biblical teaching and quash the prosperity gospel teachings that have been proliferating in their churches.

Lance Lewis, pastor of Christ Liberation Fellowship in Philadelphia, says the health and wealth gospel is as much a threat to the historic black church as theological liberalism was to the evangelical church in the early part of the 20th century, as reported by By Faith magazine.

“For the balance of the 20th century the mainstream historic black church while not reformed certainly held to the main tenets of orthodox faith,” he said in a letter to leaders in the Presbyterian Church in America. “However towards the end of the last century the prosperity gospel (which in its various forms had always lurked near the fringe of the black church) moved closer and closer to becoming the central theology believed and practiced by the black church.”

“The churches in which we grew up or came to faith now spout this destructive form of heresy,” said Lewis, whose church is touted as a multi-ethnic Bible believing, Bible teaching church.

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