Kola in her too tight Jayne Mansfield number

*Kola Boof, the Sudanese singer, author of six books and reputed mistress of Osama bin Laden recently put in time on stage at the National Black Theater in Harlem on May 28.

She told us that among the songs she performed were “My Breast Are Filled with Milk and Honey” and “The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born.” These are known as African “mothering” songs. No, we didn’t know that either.

Anyway, enjoy the flicks from them event (taken by Marcia Pepperman). Oh yeah, if you have a sudden craving for milk, we understand. 🙂

Kola and fans

Kola with more fans

Kola with her male impersonator, a drag queen named Tamarrah Fox

One more with Tamarrah Fox

Kola gets ready to sign one of he books