Tito Jackson flanked by EURweb columnist Eugenia Wright (right) (aka Kleopatra Girl) and actress Suzette Tomlinson (left) as they 'get' Tito

*Celebrities poured into the Beverly Hills Country Club to get their complimentary “Aesthetic Everything” beauty gifts celebrating the MTV Movie Awards, but for many it was “get” Tito as the prized money photo of the day. Everyone crowded around the internationally known star from the most famous music group in history, The Jackson Five.   

Everyone wanted Tito’s attention instead of the attention of ready to please smiling vendors with thousands of dollars worth of gift items to offer.

Tito never sat down from the time he arrived. He was literally swarmed. It was one pose after another and he accommodated everyone.

EURweb’s reporter Kleopatra Girl (Eugenia Wright) was no exception in wanting to get her shot, having been a fan of the Jackson’s music along with the rest of the world. She dropped her bags full of goodies like hot tamales and rushed to get in on the pic.

Later she was seen retrieving her bags (smart girl). Pretty actress Suzette Tomlinson also jumped in for the hot pic (a get smart move) … to “get” Tito.

Full coverage of this event coming soon in Kleopatra Girl’s Ringside Report

Photo Credit: Donald Carraway

22-year old singer, Trueful was honored to get a photo with the legendary Tito Jackson