Richard Dent

*Things are never as they seem. When Victoria Secret’s PINK clothing line comes to mind what picture do you see? Scantily clad women enticing and tantalizing the male masses? Perhaps, for some, that is the image of least resistance, but it’s going skin deep.

Dig a little deeper and you’ll see a billion dollar money maker. Yes Victoria Secret’s PINK label is a conglomerate within itself. That is due in large part to Florida A&M graduate and Philadelphia native son Richard Dent III, who was recently honored with the NV Award for Fashion.

“I (was) very excited about being honored at the NV Awards. NV magazine is bringing together some good brothers and sisters. I think their whole premise of bringing together (people) who normally don’t get a lot of visibility is a beautiful thing.”

Hailing from Philly, Dent went on to work for the Ford Motor Company before becoming one of the youngest global corporate controllers for Volvo Trucks at age 27. His corporate pedigree is plain to see, but one still, in the words of MC Lyte, crams to understand how he segued into the fashion industry.

“It’s a long story, I went to Florida A&M and started working in the automotive industry. Then I came over to work at Limited Brands, the parent company as a financial officer. Then, when the decision was made for PINK to start having its own executive team I came on as the CFO, then the COO and the rest is history. God had his hand in that.”

Though it might seems as though success comes from a higher power, intelligence and mind for money can’t hurt either.

“I bring a great brand sensibility, my financial skills and I just know how to make money, man,” Dent told “My main role is to create ideas and turn them into money. We run over a 1,000 stores and the website. We take the exciting parts about our brand, monetize it and make girls happy.”

So they’ve figured out how to make girls happy? No wonder PINK is a billion dollar company. Maybe he should bottle some of whatever unknown element the researchers at PINK have and start selling it men with no game? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that.

“At a brand like PINK we have a lot of creative people and my job is to try to shepherd all those ideas and bring them to light and to help make money,” said Dent. “We are the most aspirational brand for college aged women in America, For all college aged women; black, white, young or old, That’s what we do, as opposed to Abercrombie who only talks to one type of girl. We want to talk to all girls. To welcome all girls from all ethnicities, all sizes and ages. We aiming for 2 billion, man! Retail domination.”

Retail domination! It sort of has a ring to it. To get there one has to have a plan and Richard Dent told us he’s already got the proverbial pots on the stove.

“We have a HBCU line which features historically black colleges and it’s the largest retail line that’s ever been brought to historically black colleges. So, I’m very happy about that. They need to make that money to support scholarships on those campuses and we hire students from those campuses as well. “

So, the plan for success is simple for Richard Dent III. Graduate college, dominate the competition and give back. Sounds like a winning strategy. Once again, congratulations are in order for Richard Dent III for winning the 2010 NV Award for Fashion. He is truly changing the game, one underwear drawer at a time.