*A rep for Claudia Schiffer is trying to defend the controversial photos that recently surfaced on the Internet showing the model in an Afro wig and darkened skin for a German magazine’s anniversary issue.

The images were originally shot by Karl Lagerfeld two years ago as part of an ad campaign for Dom Perignon, but were dusted off and included in German magazine Stern Fotografie’s new 60th anniversary issue.

Schiffer recreated the image for one of six covers as part of the magazine’s retrospective of the model.

“It shows poor taste and it’s offensive,” Shevelle Rhule, fashion editor at black lifestyle magazine Pride, told U.K.’s Daily Mail. “There are not enough women of color featured in mainstream magazines. This just suggests you can counteract the problem by using white models.”

The other five Stern Fotografie covers feature Schiffer in other costumed looks shot by Lagerfeld – as a sexy secretary, a leather-clad cop, Marie Antoinette, and even an Asian woman in a kimono.

Her rep defended the series, saying, “The pictures have been taken out of context. The images were designed to reflect different men’s fantasies. The pictures were not intended to offend.