*Lakers fans are at the edge of their seats as the Final is nearing the end with a series game count of 3-2, with Boston ahead.

True blue Lakers lover, Snoop Dogg has faith in the purple and gold. He’s been doing a little trash talking via Twitter and recently challenged New Kids on the Block singer Donnie Wahlberg with a hefty bet.

$20,000 is on the line between the two. The money will go to a charity of the winner’s choice charity.

“What it do, big Snoop Dogg, Lakers fan #1. Wahlberg what it do? Y’all want that bet? Let’s get it crackin’,” Snopp said. “20 Gs to your favorite charity, Lakers beat the Celtics, that’s what it do!”

Wahlberg took it to a whole ‘nother level! True public humiliation at the Radio City Music hall during the NKOTB’s performance.

“I’ll pay for the flight, rooms& expense. The loser steps on stage in the other [team’s] jersey to hand over the check!” Wahlberg wrote.

We shall see who will be the champs. Go Lakers!