*Jay-Z had planned to surprise New Yorkers with a concert atop the Ed Sullivan Theater during rush hour on Monday, but the whole thing has been cancelled after city officials voiced concerns about security and refused to grant him permission to perform.

Paul McCartney and rock groups Phish and Audioslave have previously been granted permits for rooftop performances at the legendary venue. But officials at the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting abruptly axed Jay-Z’s show, ending weeks of negotiations, after word of the performance leaked on Thursday (June 17).

A spokesperson for the film office confirms: “There was discussion of a concert, and ultimately it was decided there would be no permit. Many permits are granted on the condition that the event is not made public beforehand for capacity and security reasons. This event was made public.”

The decision comes just days after rapper Drake’s free concert at the city’s South Street Seaport was cancelled when over-crowding led to violent outbursts. Six people suffered minor injuries and two people were arrested.