NBA star Richard Jefferson is 30 today

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How’d They Do It?

How do your friends get motivated? Your mother or father? Brother or sister? Children? Motivation is a favorite meal: they may be different for us all, but we’ve all got one.

Everyone has their own particular methods for getting motivated or excited or pumped up or inspired. Some are aware of it. Others are not, but it’s there just the same. And by asking around to see how those close to you ignite their drive, you can often gather together more than a handful of tips and ideas that may also work for you.

There are a thousand gifts of insight wrapped in every passing mind. They often go unsaid and remain hidden forever. But you can stop them in their tracks and tap into the secrets that are trapped inside. We can all help each other to get motivated and inspired, and it all begins with a question–what drives you?

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June 21: NBA star Richard Jefferson is 30.


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June 21, 1923: Marcus Garvey was sentenced to five years in prison after his conviction on charges of using the mail to defraud. Garvey said the charges were political.  (Source: