*Rapper The Game used his Twitter over the weekend to end rumors that he was shot and killed Sunday night at LA shopping mall the Beverly Center, and to use the opportunity to promote the release of his upcoming album.

In a series of tweets posted this morning (Jun 21), the artist says he’s living and breathing in Sacramento, California.

“Hello Sacramento. Who ever started da rumor dat I was dead is funny as hell,” he wrote. “If u gone spread rumors, b more creative.”

He goes on to joke about the situation: “As a matter of fact, I am dead. I’m the 1st n**ga to #graveTweet!!! …now tweetin from the grave (sic)… I tell you one thing though, you can’t really get good (cell phone) reception down here in this coffin…”

Setting a date for his funeral, Game instructed fans to buy his new CD “The R.E.D. Album” when it’s released on Aug. 24.

“My funeral is 8-24-10 @ da nearest Best Buy. The obituary is $9.99 located (at) da front of da store,” he said.