Steffanie Rivers

Reports about singer Whitney Houston’s comeback tour are not good.  Since the “Nothing But Love’ tour started earlier this year there have been nothing but bad reviews with unflattering photos and Youtube video evidence to boot.

The Grammy award winning singer and actress jump started her return to the spotlight with a new album last summer that won her acclaim. For her fans it was a sign that maybe Houston could make the long awaited comeback. Apparently she confused her ability to sit down and carry a note with being able to perform her way through a world tour.

There were negative reviews from the start that said Houston lacked the stamina to complete a show. And she cancelled a string of European concerts in April after she was hospitalized with nose and throat problems. Now there’s talk that Houston might be pregnant at worst or experiencing abdominal bloating at best.

Time and circumstances have a way of changing things. I remember when Houston burst onto the music scene as mogal Clive Davis’ shining star who won everyone over with her ability to sing notes higher and longer than anybody else at that time. And as her notoriety grew so did her ego, understandably for someone in her position who grew up with family members in the music business and her own successful modeling career.

What seemed to be missing from her life were honest advice and an intervention by the handful of people who claimed to have had her best interest at heart. But Whitney is a grown ass woman and whatever decisions she made in choosing a husband, to do drugs and abuse her talents or to damage her career beyond repair were hers to make.

Now she’s back; older and hopefully wiser. Regardless of what damage she did to her body and her career obviously her good name – or what’s left of it – still carries clout. Everybody deserves a second chance. And what she does with that, too, is her business. Maybe Houston doesn’t read the reviews of her shows or the comments at the end of the reviews. If she did she would realize what her handlers probably are saying behind her back.

But so far her entourage of handlers seems to be no better than the last. By now someone should have advised Whitney to get a doctor’s note excusing her from the rest of the tour. That way she can save what little reputation she has left.

Then again, if people continue to buy tickets and show up to her concerts knowing full well of the poor reviews who could blame Whitney for taking their money? She’s a single parent now with college expenses on the horizon and little chance of ever receiving child support from her ex-husband. Then again, there’s always a tell-all book and Dancing With the Stars next season.

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