*A third will has surfaced in the wake of Gary Coleman’s death that names a new woman, Anna Gray, as executor and sole beneficiary of his estate, reports “Entertainment Tonight.”

Coleman’s agent, Robert Malcom, tells ET Gray became close friends with the actor after meeting him in 1997. She even stayed in Coleman’s home for several months (in a separate bedroom) before being named the CEO of Coleman’s corporation.

Once the actor met his future wife Shannon Price, they relocated to Utah in 2005.

“When Shannon moved in, the relationship got difficult because Shannon didn’t like the fact that there was somebody else in his life,” Malcom tells ET. “Of course, he sided with [Shannon], and Anna was asked to leave.”

In the 23 page document, Coleman states that he wishes “to be cremated and that there be no funeral service, wake, or other ceremony memorializing my passing.”

In the event that Gray would not survive him, Coleman left his Lionel train collection to three different train shops in California.

On Tuesday, Price told ET that she planned to scatter Coleman’s ashes around some train tracks. “I think he would really appreciate that I did that for him,” she said.